The 1995 Disappearance Of Six Year Old Morgan Nick

(Above is a school photo taken of Morgan Nick, below is a composite sketch of what Morgan might look like today.)

Morgan Nick was your typical bubbly, happy, loving, carefree child. She loved riding her bike, playing with friends, going to playgrounds etc, She had a good family who gave her tons of love, love that Morgan took with her and gave to everyone she came across. She was a innocent child who didn’t know evil existed, until June 9, 1995  at approx 10:45pm, just a few feet away from her Mother, when a cruel adult male abducted her, possibly luring the child with false trust.

Morgan was getting ready to leave a Little
League baseball game in Alma, AR. She was at the game with her Mother and ran off to play with the other kids. The 6-year-old girl was at the game with her mom and had
stayed a little bit later to catch some fireflies with friends.

Morgan was last seen standing near her mother’s car where she had stopped to
empty sand from her shoes.  She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

In 1995, at the time of her disappearance, Morgan Nick was about 4-feet tall, around 55 pounds and had blone hair and blue eyes. She had five distinctive silver caps on her molar teeth. Morgan was last seen wearing blue denim shorts, a green Girl Scout t-shirt and white tennis shoes.

Red Ford Seen At The Park

Cops say, at the time of the crime, a witness saw a suspicious car parked nearby
that disappeared around the same time as Morgan. The witness described the
vehicle as a white camper, with rear damage on the passenger side, hooked up to
a red Ford pick up truck. According to the witness, the pick up looked odd with
the camper, since the camper was around five inches too short for the truck.
Cops say the truck had Arkansas plates. Leading many to believe that the kidnapper is an Arkansas Resident.

A few witnesses say they saw a white male watching Morgan as she was playing in the park with her friends. Those who saw him say he was about 6 feet tall, with a medium build and had a mustache and one-inch beard. At the time, witnesses went on to say he was between the age of
23 and 38 years with curly, black or salt-and-pepper, slicked back hair.

(Composite Sketch Of Suspect)

‘Police haven’t given up on this case and neither has the family or community. Morgan Nick was the inspiration of Arkansas ‘Child Alert’ system.

Everyone was touched by Morgan an her story, the community came together for the little girl and her family. During the time of her disappearance, many pink balloons (Morgans favorite color) and flyers were in every neiborhood and corner, of Alma.

Colleen Nick, Morgan’s mother, realized this need and determined to fight for Morgan and for the hundreds of children that go missing each year; and in 1996, The Morgan Nick Foundation was launched. The Morgan Nick Foundation it is an  organization which could provide immediate assistance to the families of missing children. (For more infomation, go to

Hopefully one day Morgan and her loved ones can get the Justice they so deserve. What has the world come to that parents can’t even bring there children to a baseball game without having to worry about sick indiviguals taking there child.