Domonique Holley- Grisham - Missing Since 2/12/2009 - Rochester, NY

Mozell Jones-Grisham’s teenage son has been missing since February 12, 2009.

The bewildered mom, of 21 Morgan Street, faults the Rochester Police Department (RPD) and local media outlets for treating her son’s disappearance as less than urgent. Mozell believes if the RPD had been more inclined–as they have been in other missing children cases–local media outlets would have followed their lead.

Mozell’s son Domonique Holley- Grisham was 16 years old when his parents reported him missing after returning home from his hockey game on Carter Street. Mozell said after returning home she went to run some errands along with her husband, leaving Domonique home with his younger brothers. When they returned he was gone.

Mozell noted that the family waited until approximately 3 am the next morning to report Domonique was missing in-case he returned. “The only thing we know from my son who was there with him is that Domonique got a call on his cell phone and left shortly after,” Mozell said. “I have no idea why he would leave. He has never ran away or showed any signs of wanting to run away before. I have six boys and all of them have the same father who is very active in their life.”

“All kinds of things go through my mind when I try to think about Domonique,” Mozell continued. “I try to connect with him then I start getting dreams about him to the point they are so real where I could reach out and grab him. Members of my family have suggested maybe he’s somewhere he can’t get to me.”

In the case of her son Domonique Holley Grisham, Mozell believes it was irresponsible for the RPD to classify him as a run away without an in-depth investigation. She noted the police department knew Domonique left without taking any of his clothes plus the fact he had no prior history of running away. “We also told the officers there were no troubling issues in the home which would entice Domonique to want to leave,” Mozell said. “When I asked the police department to put it on the news they was like no because he ran away and he’ll probably come back but I mean it’s been three years now!” I tried myself to get R News and The Democrat and Chronicle to pick up the case.”

“I wanted them to treat my son’s disappearance the same way they treated Brittanee Drexel’s case,” Mozell continued. “She was on every news station and in all the local newspapers and the RPD was always in the media saying how they were collaborating with authorities in South Carolina to help find her. Brittanee went missing around the same time as my son and she was classified as a run away too,” she said. “They made me (police and local media) feel like my son wasn’t important.”

Brittanee Drexel, 17, from Chili was reported as missing on April 25, 2009 while on spring break in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Drexel went down to Myrtle defying orders from her mother not to go.

According to Mozell the RPD could not trace who made that final call before Domonique left home because the phone was disposable. She also noted the police department pulled Domonique’s Facebook Page a month after it happened and they reported there was no recent action since his disappearance.

Domonique’s brother Marcus, 17, said he feels foul play is a factor in his brother’s disappearance. “He’s not going to run away from his family,” Marcus said. “Between the phone call and him not coming back something happened.”

Domonique went to school in Honeoye Falls before returning to the city to attend East High School. Mozell says Domonique’s girlfriend at the time of his disappearance was “clueless” in regards to his whereabouts and his friends at East High or friends he met while attending school in Honeoye Falls have no idea where he is. Mozell describes Domonique as a lover of sports who enjoyed playing hockey and baseball. She said all-in-all Domonique was a good kid that never had any run-ins with law enforcement officials. Marcus describes Domonique as cool and calls him his favorite brother because they did everything together. “I hope he’s still alive,” Mozell said. “If someone see him in the street please tell him to call his mom because I’m worried and everyday I don’t hear from him it’s tearing me apart.”

“The police department at least could keep in touch with me on a reasonable basis to update me or let me know they are still looking into his disappearance; even if there’s no more leads. A phone call, a visit or something,” she continued. “It’s been three years and I believe it has been more than long enough for the police department to start showing a serious effort to find my son. We believe he’s still alive but time is continuing to pass and we don’t want clues, if any, to get colder. It’s been three years and as a mother I need some kind of closure.”

Anyone having information is asked to contact The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) or Rochester Police Department (New York) 1-585-428-6720.

I tried looking for the most recent photos of Domonique but all I came across were photos of him as a child.  The photo provided is a Composite Sketch. I wonder why the Mother didn’t give media or post flyers with a photo taken of her son. Surely the family must have atleast 1 current photo. Even one taken from his Facebook page before it got deleted. Whatever the reason, I must say, I completely agree with Mozell. Even though it’s near impossible to cover every missing persons case on National Tv, I still think the way Cops blew it off was rude and cold-hearted. I bet these same people would of acted much more sympathetic if someone in there family was missing.