What happened to Baby Lauryn?

10-month-old (although some sites report she was 9-months) Lauryn Dickens disappeared September, 2010 and still has not been found.

Lauryn lived with her mother, Shakara Dickens, 19, at the Raleigh Village Apartments on Yale Road in Tennessee when she went missing.

In the days when Baby Lauryn first went missing, her Mother was out getting a tattoo, partying, taking photos of herself at a club event called ”Swagged Out Sunday”, these photos showed a stylish young ‘Mother’ smiling without a care in the world. (Baby Lauryns Mother reminds me much of Casey Anthony, days after little Caylee went missing.)

Shakara told police that she had given Lauryn to a stranger who identified herself as a friend of the baby’s father on September 7th, 2010 but did not report her missing until 1 week later, according to a police spokesman. She said the woman came because she had told Lauryn’s father that she could no longer care for her.

The father, Benjamin Norfleet, 19, is in jail on charges related to vehicle break-ins. According to an affidavit, Norfleet has not talked to Shakara since August.

Lauryn said that the woman was described as 40-50 years old, white with gray shoulder-length hair. She wore glasses and a white blouse with khaki pants. Shakara has been charged with aggravated child abuse of a child under 6.

Lauryn is described as:

Black hair, Brown eyes, 1’9″, 17 pounds. Her hair was pulled into two afro puffs. She was last seen wearing a brown onesie with a pink flower and pink dots. She has a skin rash on the back of her forearms and knees.

Lauryn Dickens’ body was never found, but cadaver dogs indicated there had been a corpse in her mother’s Raleigh apartment and around a car she had been driving.

– For more infomation on Baby Lauryn’s Case, Please click this link/copy an paste this link for the March 2012 latest report – http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2012/mar/20/jurors-memphis-murder-trial-told-mother-not-bother/