Unsolved Cold Case - Florida

On Saturday, December 3, 1994 , at 9:20 pm the body of Richard Marbury, a 63 year old white male who was legally blind, was found deceased at his residence located at 1222 NE 15 St. Marbury had been reported missing by his pastor. Victim Marbury was last seen alive on December 3, 1994 at approx. 3:00 pm. By an RTS driver. The residence was locked when LEO arrived. Neighbors said Marbury was paranoid of being broken into and always kept his gate and home locked. He would not let anyone in he didn’t know. He stayed at home most of the time and had a 6 foot fence around his yard with a locked gate with burglar bars on the windows and doors. Marbury had been involved and had contact with several known prostitutes, male and female, black and white, who were drug abusers. Witnesses in the area observed a blue pickup truck in the victim’s yard on 12-03-94 at 1030 hrs. [No Victim Photo Available]