▬► $25,000.00 REWARD: Detroit, Michigan: The search for two missing friends from Westland has entered its fourth day. Thursday, Crime Stoppers joined in the search and announced a big reward for the teens’ safe return. “We just want them home. We want to hug them. I just want to hug them,” said Carrie Bobbish, Jourdan Bobbish’s mother. “I want him to make me laugh. I want to hug him,” said… Jillian Bobbish, Jourdan’s sister. “I want to know he’s okay.”

Crime Stoppers is now offering $25,000 cash to anyone who can help find 18-year-old Jake Kudla and 17-year-old Jourdan Bobbish. The two were last seen Sunday on Detroit’s east side.

“My son calls me everyday, texts me ‘mom, what’s for dinner.’ I haven’t gotten that text in four days,” said Vergie Kudla, Jake’s mom. “I need my boy home.”

Kudla showed Fox 2 News the last text she did receive from her son sent a day before he went missing. ‘Wil u please start my laundrey.’ Now this mother worries that will be the last text she ever gets.

Wednesday, police conducted a second search of a west side apartment building where the boys’ car was found. Police say they only found cleaning supplies in the apartment of two men already in custody linked to the boys’ stolen car. These men are being called persons of interest in the teens’ disappearance.

Jake Kudla’s uncle was the last person to see the boys. He admits he gave them pills, but police say he is not connected to their disappearance. It’s believed the teens went to buy drugs from someone in Detroit and met up with the wrong guys.

“I don’t know my son as good as I might have thought I did, but I’m asking for someone please to step up, tell me something,” said Mike Bobbish.

The families are still holding out hope, even though there has been no cell phone or credit card activity since Sunday. Friends and family are now searching the area where their car was found hoping for a break in the case.

Meanwhile, police tell us the ignition was not punched on the teens’ white Caviler that was found behind that apartment building. That means whoever brought the car there did have the keys.