Former boyfriend accused of trying to kill Florida’s ”Living Jane Doe” will be brought to FL; Click here for updated article.

AUGUST 12TH, 2012 UPDATE – Live Oak, Florida: New Details Emerge in Case of ICP Fan aka Jane Doe now known as Shannon Wrench: Article: A Rantoul, Illinois man was arrested Friday, 8/10/2012, for allegedly trying to kill his own girlfriend, who had been in a medically induced coma in a Florida hospital and unidentified for almost a month. Shawn P. O’Bryan (38/left) remained in the Champaign County Jail in Urbana, Illinois Saturday, held without bond on a warrant out of Suwannee County, Florida, for the attempted murder of Shannon M. Wrench (34/right) also of Rantoul. Rantoul police Sgt. Marcus Beach said it wasn’t until earlier this week that authorities even learned the identity of the severely injured Wrench through fingerprints.

Badly beaten, Wrench was found about 10 a.m. on Monday, July 16, on the side of a rural county road off U.S. 90 near Live Oak, Fla., which is in northern Florida about mid-way between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. “A passerby saw a leg protruding from bushes off the road. When the sheriff got there, they found who we now know to be Shannon Wrench, unconscious and not responsive about [30] feet off the roadway. She had no identification on her. She had a severe head injury and multiple abrasions and bruises,” said Beach, who has actively worked the case with Florida authorities since Wednesday.
Wrench was airlifted to a University of Florida hospital in Gainesville, Beach said, where medical authorities put her in a coma to assist her recovery while police set about trying to learn her identity. “They had no idea who she was. They submitted her fingerprints to AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) and also put out flyers in the area trying to identify who she was. They didn’t have any luck. No one was able to identify her until Wednesday, Aug. 8, when they got the fingerprint results back,” said Beach. Learning she was from Rantoul, Suwannee County sheriff’s investigators contacted Beach Wednesday to see if Rantoul police had contact with her or her family members. Beach learned that in May, Wrench had been involved in a traffic stop in Rantoul in a Dodge Durango sport utility vehicle. They also found the name of a former boyfriend of hers through a separate police contact. Based on that information, Beach interviewed the former boyfriend in Rantoul, who reported he had last seen Wrench around the first of July in Rantoul.
Her SUV was loaded with personal items and she told him that she was moving to Florida. That man also identified O’Bryan as Wrench’s current boyfriend. Police then went to O’Bryan’s house and found the Dodge Durango – which registered to both her and O’Bryan – in the back of the house. Working with the Florida authorities, Beach said Rantoul police obtained a search warrant for the SUV and interviewed O’Bryan. They talked with him but did not have probable cause to arrest him on Wednesday. On Thursday, Aug. 9, Wrench regained consciousness and was able to talk to police. “She was able to verify that she was with Shawn and he was the one that injured her,” said Beach, declining to go into specifics of what she said. He did say that the beating occurred in the rural location where she was found.
Florida authorities then obtained the warrant for O’Bryan’s arrest on Friday and Rantoul police arrested him at his home in the 600 block of St. Andrews Circle about 4:15 p.m. without incident. Beach said O’Bryan on Wednesday had asked for a lawyer so police did not interview him further after his arrest Friday. He said Wrench and O’Bryan were planning to move to Florida together to find work. O’Bryan apparently is from the area in Florida where she was found. O’Bryan is expected to appear before a Champaign County judge Monday to address the question of his extradition to Florida. SOURCE:

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8/7/2012: FLORIDA: New Photo of UNIDENTIFIED ICP Fan Released: Jane Doe out of coma: Sheriff: She is giving thumbs up and down, but can’t yet speak: Live Oak, Florida: The woman known simply only as Jane Doe is now out of a coma and is “somewhat responsive” such as giving the thumbs up and down signs to Suwannee County investigators, Sheriff Tony Cameron said Tuesday afternoon. Cameron also stat…

ed that Jane Doe’s bruising and swelling has gone down considerably and plans to have updated photos of her soon. Investigators visited Jane Doe Tuesday morning and relayed the information to Cameron. Jane Doe was found about 30 feet off the roadway near the intersection of US 90 West and 153rd Road North on July 16 badly injured and with blunt force trauma to the head.
According to Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff Cameron, the woman was found around 10 a.m. by a couple driving by on the side of 153rd Road — just off U.S. 90. The woman in the car thought she saw a leg sticking out of the weeds, and they turned around. The woman was moaning, Cameron said, and she had a head injury from some sort of blunt force trauma. She was transported to Shands at the University of Florida, where she was put in a medically induced coma. Cameron said they don’t know what exactly happened to her, but he does have an idea. “There were three sets of tire marks from the same vehicle on the road,” Cameron said, explaining that she was originally between a set of those black marks. There was a trail of blood from the marks to the weeds. Cameron doesn’t know if the woman crawled there or someone dragged her. He said just the fact that she was left there is suspicious enough. He thinks once the woman is identified the investigation will turn criminal. Her DNA and fingerprints were sent out and tested but didn’t come back with matches, Cameron said.
 “All that shows us is that she doesn’t have a criminal record,” he said.

Cameron said that a social worker is assigned to her at the hospital and if at any time there is any change, they will immediately notify him.

Although the SCSO has received hundreds of calls and emails from people who think they might know the identity of Jane Doe, none of the leads have panned out, Cameron explained. 


(UPDATE: 6:23 p.m. 8/03/2012) SUWANNEE CO., Fla. (WTXL)–A local effort to place a name on an unidentified woman, called “Jane Doe”, found lying by the side of a Suwannee County Road has drawn response from around the world.
The woman was found July 16 by the side of 153rd Road, which is just off Highway 90, last month. Authorities are not releasing many details about Jane Doe, investigators say she doesn’t seem to have a criminal history. They think if she was from around the local area, she would’ve already been identified.
They have received about 200 leads from as far away as Alaska, but none have panned out so far. Local citizens are joining the effort and doing their own investigating.
“This could be my child,” said Lynda Rebel. “This could be my sister. I’d want to know who she was.”
Rebel started a Facebook group Suwannee County Fl. “Jane Doe: Help Us Identify” to assist the search. Now she says it’s gone viral, gaining interest from people around the world wanting to help.
“We’re just spreading the word,” said Rebel. “We’ve had plenty of people doing research.”
She says tattoo artists have even weighed in on the conversation, discussing all of Jane Doe’s tattoos, including one affiliated with hardcore hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse.
“Most tattoo artists will not repeat a tattoo,” said Beth Beaver, another Suwannee County woman joining the effort. “They’ll take one small detail to make it different to make it theirs so until you find the tattoo artist who did it it’s really hard to say.”
People in the Facebook group have searched missing persons databases and enhanced the photo of her face to remove the bruising.
The two women vow to not give up in their fight to find out who “Jane Doe” really is.

SUWANNEE COUNTY  – A candlelight vigil is planned for an unidentified woman, called “Jane Doe” that was found on the side of a Suwannee County Road.
The real name of the woman found roadside in Live Oak is still unknown nearly a month after she was discovered on the side of 153rd Road by Suwannee County deputies. She was found on Monday, July 16. Deputies say she had a head injury that came as the result of blunt force trauma when she was discovered. “Jane Doe” is now in a medically induced coma at Shands Hospital in Gainesville.
The vigil is planned for Monday, August 6 at 7:30 p.m. It will be in front of the Suwannee Courthouse.
We spoke with an organizer of the event, Beth Beaver, who hopes people in surrounding counties and across the nation gather to hold vigils of their own at that time, or just send up a prayer for “Jane Doe” if they can’t make an organized event.
Deputies are also asking for the public’s help. They ask that the public contact them if they know any information about the woman. They’ve released flyers and pictures of the woman’s face and tattoos, which can be seen in the slide-show to the right or on the downloadable flyer above. We warn you that they both contain a picture some may consider graphic in nature.
The woman is white and appears to be 20-35 years old. She is about 5’5″ tall and 130 pounds. She has brown hair, blue eyes, and was discovered wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt and no shoes.
Investigators ran her fingerprints through Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or IAFIS, which is a national fingerprint and criminal history system. No positive matches were found. They are still awaiting results from another fingerprint database.

If you recognize her, or if you have any information regarding her identity, please contact the following Suwannee County

Sheriff’s Office officials:

There are also many Facebook pages that have been created by people not just locally, but from around the country to help find the unidentified woman.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN FOUND STILL IN COMA – Suwannee County, Florida – Authorities are still trying to determine the identity of a badly injured woman found on the side of the road in Suwannee County.

The woman was found near the intersection of U.S. 90 and 153rd Road, west of Live Oak. They believe she was lying just off the road way over night and at some point during the night she was on the road.

The Sheriff says they do not know who she is, where she came from or if she’s even a local person. No one has come forward yet claiming to know the woman. She is currently in a medically induced coma in Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

The woman is described as a white female between 20-35 years of age with blue eyes, brown hair., between 5’4-5’7 in height weighing approx 120lbs and tattoo of a ▬►WOLF on her left shoulder. She also has a tattoo that says “David” on her left chest and a third consisting of six letters. She’s a Jugalette: The fourth tattoo to the immediate right of her photo is a “Jugalette” tattoo which indicates she is a fan of ICP: Insane Clown Posse. “I’m a Juggalette and I’m down with the clown!” – There is another tattoo of a dancing person on her left ankle and lettering of some kind on her right upper arm. She was discovered wearing cut off blue jean shorts, a Grateful Dead t-shirt and no shoes.

Anyone with information as to who she is, is urged to call the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office in Live Oak, Florida at (386) 362-2222.

Please post a photo or description of this young woman on your Facebook wall or any website. Hopefully getting her face out there will get answers. I personally don’t believe she’s from Florida. Just my guess – I assume if she was, someone would have reconized her already. I’m sure this has been on the news all threw out Florida. I haven’t seen it on the local news in my State. Someone has to know this young woman.