Chasity has 2 tattoo’s. A Butterfly Neck Tattoo and Winnie the pooh tattoo on her ankle.

Chasity, born April 25th, 1983, was 27 years old when she went missing. She was at high risk for victimization due to the fact that she was a prostitute who lead a transient lifestyle due to a drug addiction. Chasity ”worked” the streets of Ridgewood Avenue. Noone who might of seeked her out on the streets has seen her since January, 2011. Her mother, friends nor the police, have heard from her either. Chasity was not reported Missing until March, 2011 although her last sighting was on January 15th, 2011 at the Ridgewood Inn in the 100 block of Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill when her Mother, Candy Starr, went by to drop off food. A friend with Chasity stated she left around Midnight and has not been seen since.

Chasity was 5’4” approx 110 pounds – A caucasion female with brownish/red hair and brown eyes.

Other infomation – Starr attended Mainland Highschool, but didn’t graduate. She has a young son but didn’t have custody of him due to her livestyle and addiction. Starr would always wear her hair pulled backed in a ponytail.

Photos of Chasity Starr’s Tattoo’s Below. She also has a very prominent large ‘star’ tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. Which would be the most noticeable of all her tattoo’s.

Tattoo 1

Chasity Starr -Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Chasity Starr -Winnie The Pooh Tattoo on Ankle


Myspace Of Chasity Starr (Open to public) –

UPDATE – A July 2012 article published by cfnews13 – Family: Discovered remains could be Chasity Starr –