UPDATE: WHISNews21 is happy and relieved to report that as of this morning Faith Christina Shirley is no longer a missing person. We have received confirmation  from two of her friends namely Rebecca Dishman and Jan Linden.

This is the full confirmation received from Rebecca a few minutes ago: I am a personal friend of the Shirley family. As of this morning around 7:00 am both of Faith’s older sisters, Ashley Wilson and Heather Hatcher had posted FB statuses saying that Faith was found alive and safe and was in police custody waiting for her family to pick her up. Please feel free to check out this story with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Dept. 904-630-0500 Anyone who answers that number should be able to answer you questions (Per my brother-in-law who is an officer with JSO) We are so grateful that Faith is alive and OK! God is so good! – Source – WHISNEWS


▬► There are rumors circulating the net stating Faith has been found, these rumors are NOT TRUE! Faith has been Missing since July 18th, 2012. A Source claims she left her cellphone, backpack and ID at her house but took her IPAD.

Faith was last seen wearing a purple v-neck shirt and navy blue shorts with flip-flops.
She does not have any piercings or tattoos.
She is 5’7″ and 130 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes.

If you have information to help locate her please call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department at 904-630-0500 (or) 904-630-2627 and refer to CASE NUMBER: 12-5322105

(I wanted to post a photo showing faith with her hair pulled back and a photo with her hair down due to the fact that people can look different with separate hairstyles.)

Faith, a home-schooled teenager, has brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’7 weighing around 130LBS and is described as a typical ‘girly girl’. She was last seen on JULY 18TH 2012

According to information collected on the net, Faith was standing on the corner of “Scott Mill Road and Kelsey Place” alone at 10 PM. She took her iPad but left behind her other possessions including her cellphone. Many theories arise, did she meet someone? Did that someone tell her that he/she would pick her up on the corner of Scott Mill Road? Did that someone tell her to NOT bring her cellphone? Maybe they were afraid police would trace the phone back to them and they’d get in trouble? (in trouble for being ‘over age’, warrants, etc) Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions but a 15-year-old teenager, leaving suddenly, waiting on a particular street corner at 10pm with no phone leads me to assume she was waiting for somebody.

– She could be anywhere so even if you reside outside of Florida,  Please keep a lookout for this young girl.  Check your surroundings (neighborhood/neighbors, hotels/motels, etc). – It takes a village!

If you have any information regarding Faith Christina Shirley’s disappearance – PLEASE CALL Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at (904) 630-0500

Also, there are Facebook pages set up regarding Faith’s disappearance. Just type ”Faith Christina Shirley” in the

Facebook search panel for updates and to show support to those closest to Faith.