Four month old Katherine Phillips has been missing since Wednesday afternoon, June 29, 2011. The Ludington Police Department  believe that the baby was taken by 21 year old Sean Phillips, but so far he is not talking. Sean Phillips had an argument with baby Kate’s mother, Ariel Courtland, outside her Ludington home around 1 pm. on Wednesday. When Ariel Courtland went inside to get something, Sean Phillips left with Katherine. Katherine Phillips last was seen wearing pink shorts and a matching pink tank top with black and pink flowers.

UPDATE I: Pink outfit worn by Katherine Phillips when missing found by Police. Authorities have not stated where they found the clothing. is it really plausible that Sean Phillips could have done the unthinkable to baby Kate, or is it more likely that maybe he gave her to a family member or friend? How does a father kill his precious child?

The pink outfit worn by Katherine Phillips on the day she was reported missing was found, but Katherine is still missing according to Ludington Police.

Ludington Police held a news conference Saturday to talk about the search for Katherine Phillips, or baby Kate as some residents have called her.

Police released few new details at Saturday’s press conference. Police didn’t disclose where the baby’s clothing was found.

Did Katherines Father do the Unthinkable? Or is Katherine being looked after by someone close to the young man?

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