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Parental Abduction – Brittany Robinson (14) – Mobile, Alabama

Brittany was last seen June 14th, 2012 and there is a warrent out for Brittanys Father due to a custody dispute. Update below, her Mother spoke out on July 22nd 2012

BRITTANY ROBINSON, Age Now: 14, Missing: 06/14/2012. Missing From MOBILE, AL. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Mobile Police Department  (Alabama)  1-251-208-1700.

Child Picture:

MOBILE, Alabama – There’s a warrant out Thursday for Demetric Hooper on a charge of interference with custody. “We do have some information that the father has been seen in Mobile as recently as last Thursday but no contact with the 14-year-old,” said Cpl. Chris Levy. In fact, there are no reports of anyone who has spoken to Brittany Robinson since mid-June. “The father hasn’t has a role in her life up to this point. They worked with the mother, and she agreed to go spend some time with her father this summer,” Levy said. Robinson’s mother said the teen was supposed to spend a weekend with her dad.

Demetric’s sister,  Sierra Hooper, said that she picked Brittany up June 14. She also picked up Demetric and dropped both of them off at his house in Dawes. Mobile police said they hope this disclose will lead to some answers.   “He needs to come talk to us, tell us where she is. And we’ll go from there,” said Levy. If you’ve seen either Demetric Hooper or Brittany Robinson, you are urged to call police. Read more…

What happened to Baby Lauryn?

What happened to Baby Lauryn?

10-month-old (although some sites report she was 9-months) Lauryn Dickens disappeared September, 2010 and still has not been found.

Lauryn lived with her mother, Shakara Dickens, 19, at the Raleigh Village Apartments on Yale Road in Tennessee when she went missing.

In the days when Baby Lauryn first went missing, her Mother was out getting a tattoo, partying, taking photos of herself at a club event called ”Swagged Out Sunday”, these photos showed a stylish young ‘Mother’ smiling without a care in the world. (Baby Lauryns Mother reminds me much of Casey Anthony, days after little Caylee went missing.)

Shakara told police that she had given Lauryn to a stranger who identified herself as a friend of the baby’s father on September 7th, 2010 but did not report her missing until 1 week later, according to a police spokesman. She said the woman came because she had told Lauryn’s father that she could no longer care for her.

The father, Benjamin Norfleet, 19, is in jail on charges related to vehicle break-ins. According to an affidavit, Norfleet has not talked to Shakara since August.

Lauryn said that the woman was described as 40-50 years old, white with gray shoulder-length hair. She wore glasses and a white blouse with khaki pants. Shakara has been charged with aggravated child abuse of a child under 6.

Lauryn is described as:

Black hair, Brown eyes, 1’9″, 17 pounds. Her hair was pulled into two afro puffs. She was last seen wearing a brown onesie with a pink flower and pink dots. She has a skin rash on the back of her forearms and knees.

Lauryn Dickens’ body was never found, but cadaver dogs indicated there had been a corpse in her mother’s Raleigh apartment and around a car she had been driving.

– For more infomation on Baby Lauryn’s Case, Please click this link/copy an paste this link for the March 2012 latest report –

Missing – Cold Case – Florida

Missing - Cold Case - Florida

Desoto, Florida – 21 year old Kellie Jo Krum and her 8 month old daughter Kelsi disappeared from DeSoto County following 08/11/94. Evidence and information suggest suspicious circumstances. It is possible someone could of murdered Kellie Jo, hid her body somewhere discrete and kidnapped the baby and passed it off as his/her own. Anyone with information as to Kelsi or Kellie, is requested to call DET SGT Kim Sandoval of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office at (863)993-4700 or National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE LOST).

Unsolved Cold Case – Florida

Unsolved Cold Case - Florida

On Saturday, December 3, 1994 , at 9:20 pm the body of Richard Marbury, a 63 year old white male who was legally blind, was found deceased at his residence located at 1222 NE 15 St. Marbury had been reported missing by his pastor. Victim Marbury was last seen alive on December 3, 1994 at approx. 3:00 pm. By an RTS driver. The residence was locked when LEO arrived. Neighbors said Marbury was paranoid of being broken into and always kept his gate and home locked. He would not let anyone in he didn’t know. He stayed at home most of the time and had a 6 foot fence around his yard with a locked gate with burglar bars on the windows and doors. Marbury had been involved and had contact with several known prostitutes, male and female, black and white, who were drug abusers. Witnesses in the area observed a blue pickup truck in the victim’s yard on 12-03-94 at 1030 hrs. [No Victim Photo Available]

California Amber Alert Issued July 29th 2012 – EUNICE SERRATO

California -DOUBLE MURDER SUSPECT UPDATE: The Amber Alert remains in effect for Eunice Serrato. She is believed to be traveling, against her will, with her boyfriend, suspect Juan Manuel Salazar Jr. The Sheriff’s Office says they… are believed to be heading south toward Mexico.

Salazar Sr. turned himself in Sunday night, but his son, 19-year-old Juan Manuel Salazar Jr., is still believed to be with Serrato in a tan, 2007 Honda Civic with California license plate 6JUK098, according to authorities:

CALIFORNIA AMBER ALERT: MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. — A statewide amber alert was issued Sunday morning for a 16-year-old girl from San Ardo in Monterey County after a double homicide was discovered at her residence.

The suspects in the shooting and abduction, identified as Juan Manuel Salazar and his son, Juan Manuel Salazar Jr., were considered armed and dangerous. Read more…

A Few Unsolved Homicides in Connecticut

Unsolved Connecticut Cold Cases

No Arrests in Murder of Mother of Two

Anne-Marie Caro had just turned 37 years old when a relative found her murdered in her home on Stafford Avenue in Mansfield. It was August 28th of 2005, and the former middle school teacher and mother of two school aged boys was last known to have returned from her job at a Home Depot in Manchester. The police have not named any suspects and it was determined that she had been strangled. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the state police at 860-886-6603. There is a fifty thousand dollar reward leading to information that will assist in the arrest and conviction of her murderer(s). All correspondence can remain confidential.

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What Happened to Billy Smolinski?

31-year-old William Smolinski was last seen around 3:45 pm at his residence at 130 Holly Street on August 24, 2004. The Waterbury man was last seen by a neighbor and asked that person to watch his dog. Smolinski indicated that he was going to leave for a period of three days. That was the last time he was seen. He left behind personal belongings such as his vehicle and wallet. Billy’s family have been actively looking for him and have placed fliers with his picture on them in the surrounding towns where he was last seen. There has been visual documentation of Billy’s ex-girlfriend ripping and vandalizing many of these posters. While she has not been named a suspect, she has filed a lawsuit against Smolinski family. If you have information concerning this case, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New Haven at (203)777-6311. There is a fifteen thousand dollar reward.

Bill’s case was aired on a Few TV shows, his parents have a Facebook page dedicated to the disappearance of their son. They also have set up a fund in honor of Billy. For More information please click the link below.

For more information about this case, please click here

There is also an article by the Waterbury Observer about this case to view Click here.

More information regarding  William Smolinski below

Who would ever have thought that well-known Connecticut Defense Attorney John
Williams who defended Black Panthers as well as Puerto Rican Nationalist Group
Los Machetoros would go against Jan Smolinksi. It seems that Williams is hired
by the school busing company that employs Billy Smolinski’s former girlfriend.
The same ex-girlfriend who has been videotaped tearing down missing person
fliers of Billy. The same person who managed to get Jan Smolinski arrested by
Woodbridge Police. If Bill’s ex-girlfriend is not in any way responsible for his
disappearance, tearing down missing person fliers sure makes one look
suspicious. Now, the lawsuit also targets The Waterbury Observer and Billy’s
sister, Paula. It’s been alleged that Williams knows this case can’t be won but
that the legal fees alone could seriously financially damage the Smolinski
family and the Waterbury Observer newspaper. Williams has asked for a settlement
in what amounts to legalized extortion. John Williams had a final demand at
$25,000 for Billy’s ex-girlfriend and $5000 for B and B Transportation. And we
all know that Williams will be getting a nice cut out of it. According to the
Waterbury Observer a case could cost the paper and the Smolinski family anywhere
between fifty to a hundred thousand dollars. Wow. All just for hanging up a few
fliers. Well, John Williams, I guess going after a grandmother is much easier
than the police departments that help screw up this case to begin with….. If
you want to see John William’s website please visit here. You’ll
notice how the site mentions that Williams proudly defended Lorne Acquin who was
convicted of killing nine people in the worst mass murder case in Connecticut’s
history. For more information about this development in the Smolinski case Click
 Also please visit  Justice 4 Billy. To support and send well-wishes to the Smolinski Family.

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The Mystery of David Paul

January 2, 1988 was a cold, bitter day and while many people were busy recuperating from celebrating the New Year, a horrible death had just occurred. While walking along a wooden path in the southern part of Meriden, a woman thought she saw a little doll wrapped in pink and white blankets nestled against a tree in an empty company parking lot. As the woman approached closer she made the startlingly discovery that it was a dead 7 1/2 pound blue-eyed, blonde haired boy. The newly born infant had died from the extreme cold in a few short hours. The boy was given the name, David Paul by a pastor at a local church. The name means beloved little man. It’s been almost twenty years, since David Paul’s lifeless body was found. It is suspected that he was abandoned by a female (most likely his mother) and police are looking to find her. There is a 20,000 dollar reward being offered in this case. If you have any information about the death and abandonment of David Paul, please call the Meriden Police Department at 203-634-3784.

Reward Offered in Death of Woman Found Murdered in House

The State of Connecticut has a $25,000 reward for information leading the conviction of the person or persons responsible for the strangulation homicide of Dawn Delvecchio. The 39-year-old woman was a mother of two and was reported missing just days before her body was found in July 26, 2005. She had been staying at a house where she was house sitting. If you have any information about this crime, you are urged to call the State Police at contact State Police at 800-842-0200.

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Murder in Greenwich – CT

Greenwich is well-known as one of the richest towns in the entire country. While the Martha Moxley murder has garnered national headlines because of the convicted murderer’s connection to the Kennedy family, there is a murder of a teenaged boy who has gone unsolved. In August 31st. 1984, Matthew Margolies was last seen heading towards the woods to go fishing. His family reported he was missing and five days later his body was found in a makeshift grave under a pile of leaves. He died of multiple stab wounds. A knife was found nearby, but his fishing rod was gone. His body had been found under some leaves with dirt shoved down his throat. There is a $50,000 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the 1984 murder of 13-year-old Matthew Margolies which occurred in the Glenville section of Greenwich, CT.

If you have information contact the Greenwich Police at 203-622-8000 or on the web at: Greenwich Police For more information about this case you can click on the link to a story by CourtTV.

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Who killed this Hartford Teenager?

UPDATE: On December 5, 2008, Pedro Miranda from New Britain, CT was arrested for the murder of Mayra Cruz, Rosa Valentin, and Carmen Lopez. Mayra’s case is officially SOLVED!

  On October 8, 1987, 13-year-old Mayra Cruz was last seen alive in the Asylum Hill Neighborhood of Hartford. She was a school bus stop and was seen by a witness getting into small yellow car with a young hispanic male estimated to be about 25 years old in the driver seat. A month later her lifeless body was found in a wooded area of East Windsor, a town more than fifteen miles away. She had been deceased for several weeks. The man she was last seen with was described as having dark hair which was long in the back and parted in the middle. His hair was short on the sides just above his ears.

If you have any information as to who may have killed Mayra Cruz please contact the Hartford Police Department at 860-543-8720.

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Information was obtained by CT Cold Case which is a website that list the names and faces of unsolved murder victims. Click the link for additional cases in the New England area. 

Endangered Adult – Valerie Sifsof (43) – Alaska


LASTEST UPDATE – AUGUST 6th, 2012 – Valerie Sifsof’s missing persons reward fund is now at $27,100. The fund was established by friends and family in the hopes of encouraging persons with information to come forward willingly. Sifsof disappeared from the Granite Creek campground at mile 64 of the Seward Highway on July 7. A missing persons report was issued on July 11.

Sisof is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes. The 43-year-old was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt-type jacket, blue sweatpants and black boots.

Valerie Sifsof is the aunt of Olympic snowboarder Callan Chythlook-Sifsofof Girdwood, Alaska. The Sifsof family has hosted extensive searches of the area in which Valerie disappeared but so far to no avail. In her blog, Chythlook-Sifsof writes:

Valerie’s dad is firm that he will search the area until he’s 100 percent satisfied that every rock has been looked at, and without any doubt that if she is here, she’d be found. (However) finding no trace of her increases the likelihood that this is more than getting lost in the woods in the dark… the prospect of abduction from the campground has hovered in the background from the first day. Law enforcement takes this seriously and Valerie’s family has faith and confidence in their professional expertise and investigative strategies.

Anyone with information regarding Sifsof is being asked to call the Alaska State Troopers in Girdwood at (907) 783-0972, and reference incident number AK12219013; or call the Alaska Bureau of Investigation Missing Persons Clearinghouse in Alaska, 1-800-478-9333 or (907) 269-5497. The family has established a website that can be checked for updates:


Read more…

Missing and Wanted – Paul Cunningham – PARACHUTE, Colorado

$1,000.00 REWARD OFFERED: PARACHUTE, Colorado — A missing Parachute man is now wanted by authorities. Paul Cunningham also known as Paul Hodgden, 26, has been missing since February 19, 2012. Cunningham was last seen after he got into an altercation with another man at Shommy’s restaurant in Parachute, and ran off on foot. Sergeant Kevin Wayman of the Parachute Police Department said Cu…nningham is wanted for assault in the second-degree, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, violation of restraining order and failure to appear in Garfield County District Court.

“We’re very concerned for his safety and well-being. It’s our number one priority to be able to find him. He has many family members and friends who are concerned,” said Wayman. Officials believe Cunningham may have left the State, or is living with a friend.

Tanny Mcginnis with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office said they believe he is somewhere safe, possibly staying with a friend.

“The Parachute Police Department don’t have any indication that he’s been injured or abducted or that there’s any reason he’s not returned or contacted his family other than by choice,” said Mcginnis.Officials are asking the public to keep an eye out for Cunningham. They said he has tattoos across his neck.

If you have any information that could help locate him you can earn up to $1,000 by calling 970-945-0101, or visit and click on the report a tip tab.

Read more…

7/28/2012: ARKANSAS AMBER ALERT – Amber Whitlow (12)

Amber Whitlow – Age and/or DOB: 11/1/1999 Missing Date: 7/28/2012 Missing from City: Little Rock Missing from County: Pulaski

Amber’s parents were both found murdered and Amber was abducted. Please keep a lookout for this young child and call police immediately.

Sex: Female Race: Black Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown Hair: Unknown Eyes: Unknown Complexion is described as: Unknown

Abduction from a possible homicide.
Last seen wearing Knee length blue jean shorts, light blue short sleeve shirt..

Antonio Whitlow

Age: 33 Last known address: 2820 Zion Street, Little Rock Race: Black Sex: Male Height: 6’03” Hair: Black, short Eyes Brown Complexion is described as: Dark Last seen wearing: unknown Missing infant/child/minor may be traveling in: 1990’s 4 door, black over blue Lincoln, with chrome luggage rack, chrome trim around doors and chrome wheels.

Anyone having information should contact: Little Rock Police Department (501) 371-4660

Missing since 2011 – Joseph Bushling – US Soldier – Utah

Missing – Joseph Bushling Case TOOELE, Utah – More efforts to find a Dugway soldier missing for nearly a year are underway. Army specialist Joseph Bushling (26) was last seen leaving the base the night of May 8, 2011. After days of searching, Tooele County Sheriff’s deputies found the car he was driving abandoned and not too far from there was his hat. A renewed search effort is underway in Utah’s West Desert near Pony Express Trail in Tooele. Fifty horseback riders, 13 search dogs, 20 searchers or so on foot all looked for the missing soldier on March 25th 2012. The search for the 26-year-old continued til the following Sunday with no new results.

On the day Joseph disappeared, he left English Village, the housing area designated for military and civilian personnel at Dugway Proving Grounds (the United States Army’s “giant testing facility” located in Utah) to go for a drive. At about 7:00pm he called a friend saying he’d run out of gas and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. 


Facebook page dedicated to Joseph Bushling’s Disappearence. –!/JosephBushlingMissingU.S.SoldiersinceMay.8.2011